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Kind Words

Testimonials From Those We Have Worked With

"Lori and I worked together in one the hardest years of my life. She helped me overcome what I was going through by helping me control my own thoughts as best I could. She helped me understand that it wasn’t about forgetting everything bad that was about acknowledging the bad and learning from it and using that experience to help me in a similar situation in the future." 

Sam Darnold | NFL Quarterback 

"My first class was the changer for me. It helped with my mindset for sure. It made a difference at work and outside of work. It all changed for me when I started doing my gratitudes and having conversations with Lori. I gladly can say I want to keep getting better and become the honor student of mindset so I can help others too!"

Demaryius Thomas | Super Bowl Champion | NFL Wide Receiver

"Working with Lori has impacted my life in a profound way. Her passion to educate, understand and help others is unmatched. Eternally grateful." 

Kenny Stills | NFL Wide Receiver

"I have personally seen how Mindset of Possibility can help both world class athletes and parents who want to become world class. The tools and techniques, shared in a welcoming and safe environment, can be used by anyone who wants to change their life and the lives of those around them."

Jesse Linder | New York Jets | Senior Director | Community Relations

"During the two years (Sharon and Lori have worked with us) we have heard many stories that have ranged from academic progress to personal growth and empowerment.  Our community members who have partaken in these opportunities have raved about the impact it has made on their own lives.  This programming is a game-changer and it will make a difference for your organization and community."

Brian Lidle | Professional Development Director

"When I took on the responsibility of leading and influencing thousands of students/staff, I quickly learned that we were without positive direction, and I was alone. I became lost and overwhelmed. I began my work with Lori and once I changed my mindset, the direction became clear. Once my teacher leaders changed their mindset, we gained momentum. Now, we continue to bring Hope and a Growth Mindset to our students and celebrate the significant gains together. Working with Lori for the last two years has not only changed me professionally, my mindset and outlook on life now has a focus on Thanksgiving and Gratitude."

 Dr. James Miller | High School Principal

"This workshop personally helped me be excited by challenges, see mistakes as learning opportunities and the value of practice and how trying different strategies go a long way in cultivating growth! ... This program is innovative, effective and designed to develop a long-term plan and path toward success."

Kate Miller | Principal

"For years and years, I have tried to reach out and give (school) families what I thought they needed...This year I have been blessed with the opportunity to bring this program to the families at my school...As our first night of the workshop began, I could tell by the looks on the faces of our parents that we had finally found the answer to what I had been looking for.  Our parents were engaged, taking notes, sharing life stories and “ah-ha” moments.  Bringing this program to my school has been the most worthwhile experience of my career."

Jacki Prati | Principal

"Every child, teacher, parent, team, and organization needs Sharon Esswein in their life.

Sharon’s wealth of knowledge, educational experiences, exceptional relationships and amazing skill set in

mindfulness is transformational. Our school district is fortunate to have her as a member of our team, lifting

others, instilling in them a passion for growth, a commitment to grit, a practice of empathy and a

focus on gratitude, all the while walking alongside us. If you have an opportunity to work

with Sharon, your life will be forever changed by her inspiration and practice."


Cori Kindl | Director of Professional Development

"I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to participate in the 2020-2021 Groveport Madison High School Mindset Cohort. To say that my life was transformed as a result would be an understatement. At a time when I was at my lowest and weakest, I was reminded of the strength and resilience that I had always possessed, and even prided myself on, but had lost due to situations beyond my control. Perhaps, that was the greatest lesson that I learned by being in the cohort. I can say, with no hesitation, that I have advanced mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as a direct result of this experience and I refuse to stop growing. I am better both personally and professionally because of this cohort. I have taken these lessons and used them with students, family, and friends and all are better because of them. Being a part of this group did not "pull" me out of my despair. It gave me the "ropes" to pull myself out and that is the greatest lesson and gift."


Dawn Lowe | Groveport Madison Educator

"Our athletic department has worked with Mindset of Possibility for several years.  Through great conversations and meetings, some of our coaches have developed great approaches to mindset training with our athletes that have paid off in performance and coach/player relationships.  It has truly been a great experience."


Steve Petros | Groveport Madison High School Athletic Director

"Your company changes lives."

Phoenix C. | Age 11

Our Clients

Together our team brings countless years of experience in educating and elevating others.  We are honored to have supported so many in the transformation of both professional and personal lives. Unlocking potential and facilitating a process of self discovery with an honest commitment to action is our mission. The Mindset of Possibility Team thanks you for your trust, it has truly been our joy and honor to serve you.

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