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At Elevate, we have a deep belief in the purpose and potential that resides within each individual. Our team works to cultivate an environment of support and discovery, whether working with groups or individual clients. We seek to expand the understanding of the power of mindset and its deep influence on mind, body and soul through scientifically informed and research based strategies. Through the culmination of our work, we equip each person with the tools and knowledge to discover their highest potential and truest purpose.

Our Intention

Together, our team has decades of experience in educating, coaching and supporting a wide range of clients including, but not limited to, leaders, athletes, families, performers and educators. Learning is achieved through one on one sessions, small group classes, seminars, retreats and virtual gatherings, all customized to meet the client's unique needs. 


Our goal is to purposefully engage those we work with in personal growth, and to be partners in cultivating joy, peace and freedom in their lives. We provide a confidential and safe space to help with the processing and organization of the thoughts, feelings and actions needed to realize both individual and group goals.  

In a Meeting


Create greater team cohesion, articulate and execute vision, and maximize talent by instilling confidence and trust within your organization.


Guide, assist, and inspire athletes to close the gap between where you are now and where you envision yourself to be on the field and in life.


Design innovative ways to inspire, unite, and engage those you serve. Leaders embrace and model the endless practice of growth.


Build upon skills and success to courageously lead students, teachers, staff, and administrators to personal and collective greatness.


Transform the vision of your business's success into reality. Develop a framework to achieve your goals.


Wellness, personal growth, and greater fulfillment within are vital to your overall well-being. Gain a fresh, informed perspective on conquering challenges to better the life you lead. 

Enjoying Outdoor

"Bless the world with your mind, heal the world with your heart, lift the world with your soul; elevate the world with your life." 

Matshona Dhliwayo


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