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This is a fully virtual class series and collaborative learning experience for those in their 20s & 30s searching to develop foundations for personal and professional growth. Over the course of several months, we will learn together how to plant the seeds for mental, physical and emotional health, and how the commitment to our continual evolution is the water for their growth. Classes take place twice a month on wednesday evenings.

currently accepting waitlist and inquiries.

Total cost for course - $700

New Growth

Here is what past Community Garden members had to say...

"It gave me a designated time each week to engage in guided yet open-ended conversations, journaling prompts, visuals, and things to think about. I left each week with new "tools" to use in my friendships, relationships, and internally with myself. I'm a more mindful person now, and I think community garden has really helped with that."

"Community Garden helped me grow personally in so many ways. To start, just being in a group with other individuals who are experiencing similar events/have similar questions/passionate about becoming their best selves, was empowering because I didn't feel alone. Community Garden also helped me grow personally because I learned different tools I can take with me and use in my everyday life. From being more aware of my breath, understanding and recognizing self defeating behaviors or cognitive distortions, focusing on sleep and how that impacts our health, emotional regulation, the feelings wheel, etc,. For a lot of this I never had words to accurately explain how I was feeling for what I was experiencing, and now I do. I think awareness is the first step to resolving any issues. And I feel more aware now after taking this class, then I ever have."

It helped me understand myself, my colleagues, and my boss in a different way. I approach situations from a different lens, one that is more understanding and less judgmental, as much as I hate to say that I was before. It also allowed me to reflect on any work challenges I was facing and discuss in a group of similar-aged professionals, also trying to navigate their 20s and overcome hurdles at work. Emily and Emily are the best!

Community Garden helped me grow professionally because, for the first time, I really took a step back and thought about what my goals, what my passions are and what I want to FEEL like in work. So often we jump to what we to DO and how much we want to make, but we often neglect how our jobs should make us FEEL. In one of our first exercises we came up with a list of what we value in a work environment, and this was really eye opening to me.

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