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Currently booking Summer 2024 Staff Retreats

Our team offers a diverse skill set ranging from lifetime educators, business leaders, wellness professionals, personal coaches and mental health specialists. With this range of expertise, we are able to offer a multitude of courses, workshops and experiences to help your team level up both personally and professionally.


The retreats we are offering are fully customizable to your staff's needs and range from 1-2 days in length.  


We have seen the concept of "rising tides lift all boats" play out dozens of times over the years working with groups from all over the country and truly believe that investing in your staff's growth, evolution and elevation will in turn allow every person they impact to reach their next level. 


Please reach out to if you are interested in providing this time for your team to cultivate their mindsets this summer -- we are happy to work with you on any specific needs you may have and look forward to collaborating on a meaningful experience! 

*Currently accepting inquiries for June & August

Let’s Work Together

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